Meet Dax & Dave

Almost 5 years ago Dax & Dave met on a business assignment for a large grocery retail chain in Brussels, Belgium. Driving towards Brussels every Monday morning at 5 am for more than 2 hours was the starter of many discussions on "what is good coffee or espresso?". 

Many conversations on what is great taste, acidity and crema layers filled the hours. All 1.000 and more brands were discussed and tried ;). And somewhere between all those conversations an idea sparked on creating our own espresso brand.

During the discussions a roastery in the north of the Netherlands was found. A roastery that was not focused on profit but has a different starting  point. Namely work. Creating work.

Work for people who have a difficulty getting a nice job at all. No focus on efficiency, but on how to create more work. That is why our great design agency came up with the stickers on the espresso packs. More stickers equals more work. That is also why the roasting is SLOW.

More time spent equals not only more quality, it equals more work! 

And ...... most importantly; 290 kg of espresso beans sold a month is 1 new job.   

This brand was started as a fun hobby project. Let's see how far it can travel.

If you want to help, feel free to contact us at